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Our patented technology increases the efficiency of data storage and transmission with a suite of products for providers and consumers of Web content and for the Enterprise. We help our clients to increase revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction/loyalty, and to decrease cost.

Corporate Responsibility
At Squash Compression, we recognize the importance of our role in a society undergoing constant change. Our Web, Mobile, and data storage technologies are dramatically accelerating the pace of Internet connectivity while lowering the costs. For the efficiency we bring to our diverse users around the world, we are grateful. Our success empowers us to explore new digital frontiers and craft new user experiences. We promise to consider the far-reaching effects of our corporate policy. While giving back more than we take, we will continue to innovate with your convenience and intuitive needs in mind. Together, we will responsibly shape the digital world while strengthening the social fabric of the global village.

Environmental Responsibility
Business activities can devastate the environment and produce long-term consequences for mankind. At Squash Compression, we consider the impact of our internal practices on the natural world. We want to protect Earth every possible way. Our purpose is to reduce the carbon footprint of client users and organizations through delivery of superior data compression technologies. When you choose our products, you will be consuming energy in a responsible manner and doing your part to safeguard the planet for future generations. We commit to continuous planning and implementation of Earth-friendly policies. Because we are always investigating new ways to improve our compression products, we will continue to grow. Choose Squash Compression to meet your data needs with the knowledge you are lessening your own impact on the planet.

Other Responsibility-Related Areas
We are a transparent organization committed to demonstrating how we act in socially responsible ways. As our valued client or stakeholder, we encourage you to explore our social initiatives and ask us tough questions. Decide what kind of responsible business culture we espouse and maintain through corporate strategy and everyday decisions.

In our approach to human resources, we provide the best opportunities while fostering self-determination and innovation. In corporate governance, we hold true to our founding principles and do whatever it takes to operate legally and ethically for our stakeholders. We are aggressively expanding into all economic sectors and we are excited to offer significant discounts to our clients in government and education.

Trust us to win your confidence in our responsible and open business practices. We are always open to suggestions for improving our contribution to the global society.