Increase revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction/loyalty with 7x faster page load time. Decrease cost with 50% less bandwidth and energy.


How It Works

Incoming requests are ignored so that they pass through the existing processing pipeline. Any static or dynamic HTML content that is to be sent to the client is intercepted.

The intercepted content is “rewritten” to optimize for speed. The “rewritten” content is compressed using gzip or deflate and sent to the client.

A typical Web page contains references to 3 external CSS (style sheet) resources, has embedded styles, contains references to 7 external JavaScript (script) resources, has embedded scripts, and contains references to 29 external image (GIF, JPG, PNG) resources.

The challenge is that the HTTP negotiation and downloading of separate external resources incurs unneeded time and bandwidth. Embedded styles and scripts bloat the size of the HTML content and do not leverage the benefits of caching. Individual images do not leverage the benefits of compression.


Resource Consolidation

X number of CSS resources and embedded styles are consolidated into 1 CSS resource

X number of JavaScript resources and embedded scripts are consolidated into 1 JavaScript resource

X number of image resources are consolidated into between 1 and 3 image resources (1 for GIF, 1 for JPEG, 1 for PNG)


Whole Context Removed

Squash Compression is aware of what styles and scripts the HTML output is referencing. Many times, modular development of styles and scripts leads to having the HTML output reference an entire style or script resource even though only a subset of that resource may be used (such as a style class or a script function). Squash Compression does not transmit any style or script context that is not referenced by the HTML output.


Auto Minification

Squash Compression is aware of what extraneous formatting characters are needed by developers to maintain code, but not needed by user agents to display Web pages. Squash Compression does not transmit any extraneous formatting characters in the HTML, CSS, or JavaScript output. As a result, you will never again need to transform your static content back and forth between human-readable and machine-readable formats; plus dynamically created resources are automatically minified.



Squash Compression is a bolt-on assembly that automatically rewrites content to optimize for speed.

For a new Website, there is no need to invest in architecting / designing to avoid these challenges.

For an existing Website, there is no need to invest in re-architecting / re-designing to avoid these challenges.

Developers and designers can focus on functionality and creativity, rather than on optimization.