Our most recent clients are saying...

LIGER, an eCommerce site in Mexico City

"I wanted to reflect our appreciation for such dramatic performance improvement in our website. As we reach out to new customers and service our established clients we are thrilled with the speed at which they are accessing our website driving increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 8x Faster connectivity is resulting in higher revenue from more sales with an almost instant ROI. It's rare that you can impact your core business performance from third party software that installs so easily yet has such a powerful impact."

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IT COMPRA EN USA, an international eShopping Site

"The key to growing our business is driving more customers to our site with a better user experience. Squash Compression Website Edition helped us do this with their powerful software. We are seeing users accessing our website 12x faster, connecting for longer periods due to the performance enhancement and actually buying more products."

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RETO, a technical solutions company in South America

"Our goals were to improve performance in our website environment and lower our bandwidth costs. We focus on technical solutions for data centers, lan and telecom customers and we exceeded each of those goals right away. Our website metrics improved dramatically with 6x faster access and we instantly lowered our costs using 66% less bandwidth. Congratulations to the amazing technology visionaries at Squash Compression for such an innovative, cost effective solution."

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"This add-on greatly increases the capabilities of webNetwork. It addresses the need to deliver resources faster to users. The technology from Squash Compression is cutting-edge, and brings even greater functionality to an organization's unified workspace."

"Squash Compression helped us ensure that our CASHFLOW™ software scaled with the aggressive growth in new clients. Plus, it helped us improve the user experience to increase productivity, client satisfaction, and client loyalty." Read the case study.