Squash Compression Joins the Rackspace Cloud Tools Program

New compression technology now available for The Rackspace® Open Cloud

DENVER, CO – March 27, 2013 – Squash Compression, innovators of the patent-pending technology that speeds up your Website, increases revenue, and decreases costs, announced today its availability on The Rackspace Open Cloud via the Rackspace Cloud Tools program. Squash Compression appears in the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace and offers an add-on solution to allow Rackspace customers running open cloud servers to accelerate the delivery of their Web content.

Every one-second decrease in page load time can increase conversion rates by seven percent for E-commerce and advertising revenue Websites.* Customers will be able to leverage Squash Compression’s technology to realize, on average, seven times faster page load time, boosting revenue and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“We feel that Squash Compression and its Web content delivery acceleration capabilities can help contribute to greater value for our customers,” said Waqas Makhdum, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Rackspace. “Squash Compression’s technology helps customers to achieve faster page load time, and the benefits that come with that, without having to invest in redesigning their Website.”

“We are excited to work with Rackspace to make accelerated Web content delivery services available to their customers through the Cloud Tools Marketplace,” said Cliff Houser, Chief Business Development Officer at Squash Compression. “Rackspace provides a powerful Platform as a Service offering, and its customers use it to build successful applications. Now Rackspace customers have the ability to utilize our technology and have their designers and developers focus on creativity and functionality rather than on optimization.”

Check out Squash Compression in the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace to learn more about Squash Compression for Rackspace Open Cloud customers. Please visit the Squash Compression Partner Page to learn more about Squash Compression for other cloud platforms.

About Squash Compression Squash Compression’s patented technology focuses on speeding up the Web. They offer a suite of products for physical and virtual servers, shared hosting Websites, mobile users, and rural users. On average: Websites load seven times faster, latency is decreased by ninety percent, bandwidth is decreased by fifty percent, and electricity is decreased by fifty percent, which helps their customers to increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

* http://www.aberdeen.com/Aberdeen-Library/5136/RA-performance-web-application.aspx

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If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Pete Denboer, please call Pete Denboer at (303) 249-2815 or E-mail him at pete@squashcompression.com.

Contact: Pete Denboer, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Phone: +1 (303) 249-2815
E-mail: pete@squashcompression.com

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