Squash Internet App for the Apple App Store Launched Worldwide

Provides Data and Time Savings for its Customers in over 170 countries

DENVER, CO – January 9, 2016 – Squash Compression, a leader in Web Content Acceleration and Data Optimization, announces the availability of its first App for the Apple App Store. It targets individual users that desire to reduce the data they are charged for monthly in half while speeding up access to websites saving valuable time. The new app features a graphic display showing real-time savings that customers are seeing in terms of data saved and actual time saved. This product leverages the same patented technology that powers their Website and Storage solutions, helping to dramatically improve the user experience.

“Our Squash Internet App benefits customers all over the world that are searching for ways to save time in accessing web content “said Mike Meadows, CEO of Squash Compression. “The opportunity to reduce your monthly data charges, as well as extend your battery life, are other benefits our customers are excited about. We received positive results during the initial customer trials with most experiencing greater than 50% savings in actual data used”.

Our patented technology allows us to compress web content and load pages nearly 7x faster than before. Mr. Piet Hendrik den Boer, one of the first users in Amsterdam, Netherlands was delighted with the performance gains; “This is just what we need. Squash Internet enables connectivity that works very fast and is fantastic”. Andre Moura in Sao Paulo Brazil felt that the combination of faster access and resulting cost savings from lower data charges would make the App a huge success in his country, Brazil.

“We remain committed to enhancing our current offerings and developing additional innovative solutions that leverage our patented technology,” said Mike Meadows. “We are targeting future enhancements to our Mobile Device solution that will provide significant storage savings opportunities, in addition to the faster connectivity benefits we recently launched”. We envision, utilizing our storage technology on mobile devices dramatically expanding the volume of pictures and video that can be stored on your personal mobile devices later in 2016”.

About Squash Compression

Established in 2012, Squash Compression developed and patented an intelligent algorithm that is at the core of their solutions. Reducing infrastructure helps the environment dramatically by saving energy and supporting green initiatives. Their four solutions provide, on average, Web content delivered 7X faster, bandwidth usage reduced by 50%, and storage infrastructure reduced by 84%, helping their customers to increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. For more information, please visit www.squashcompression.com.


If you would like more information about this announcement or to schedule an interview, please contact John Mierley, Squash Compression EVP Global Sales and Strategy at +1 (954) 560-7117 or E-mail him at john@squashcompression.com.

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