Squash Compression Announces Enhancement to Its Storage Edition

Now Includes the JPEG2000 File Format Providing 6:1 Lossless Compression Of Medical Images and Records

PITTSBURGH, PA – March 14, 2016 – Squash Compression, a leader in Web Content Acceleration and Data Optimization, announces its support for JPEG2000 in its Storage Solution providing 6:1 lossless compression of medical images and records utilizing this form factor. Leveraging the same patented technology that powers their Website and Mobile solutions, they now expand their compression benefits to another key image type in the healthcare industry, continuing to dramatically reduce storage infrastructure costs.

“Our Storage Edition benefits many industries by addressing the demand for storage of Web and medical record images brought about by today’s media-rich applications and regulatory requirements,” said Alan Howe, Executive Vice President, Business Development of Squash Compression. “The addition of JPEG2000 to our file type portfolio focuses on the healthcare industry primarily, recognizing that medical diagnostic imaging is one of the fastest growing segments that our storage solution addresses. We received numerous customer requirements to add JPEG2000 to our portfolio due to this extensive usage and are excited to report very positive results during the initial customer trials driving in excess of 84% reduction in storage. Our Website provides an ability for potential clients to easily download our Storage Solution software, privately upload images and validate how much the solution can reduce the storage requirements of their own data.”

“We continually look to enhancing our current offerings and developing additional innovative solutions that leverage our patented technology based on our customer’s requirements,” said Mike Meadows. “For example, video is merely a sequence of images. We are observing a 6:1 lossless compression and a 50:1 lossy (visually lossless) compression of raw video. We are looking to select a few organizations that embrace new technology and would like to go to market with us on our equally impactful Video Edition.”

About Squash Compression

Established in 2012, Squash Compression developed and patented an intelligent algorithm that is at the core of their solutions. Reducing infrastructure helps the environment dramatically by saving energy and supporting green initiatives. Their four solutions provide, on average, Web content delivered 7X faster, bandwidth usage reduced by 50%, and storage infrastructure reduced by 84%, helping their customers to increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. For more information, please visit www.squashcompression.com.


If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with John Mierley, please call John Mierley at +1 (954) 560-7117 or E-mail him at john@squashcompression.com.

Contact: John Mierley, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Strategy
Phone: +1 (954) 560-7117
E-mail: john@squashcompression.com

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