Squash Compression Announces the Availability of Its Storage Edition

Providing 6:1 Lossless Compression Of Images For The Web And Medical Records

DENVER, CO – March 31, 2015 – Squash Compression, a leader in Web Content Acceleration and Data Optimization, announces the availability of its File System Storage Edition that provides 6:1 lossless compression of images for the Web and medical records. This product leverages the same patented technology that powers their Website and Mobile solutions, helping to dramatically reduce storage infrastructure costs.

“Our Storage Edition benefits many industries by addressing the demand for storage of Web and medical record images brought about by today’s media-rich applications and regulatory requirements,” said Mike Meadows, CEO of Squash Compression. “The savings on infrastructure and boosts in efficiency are significant in these industries. We received positive results during the initial customer trials after an 84% reduction in storage was observed. Our Website provides a live demonstration of the Storage Edition that allows people to privately upload images and evaluate how the solution can reduce the storage requirements of their own data.”

The Storage Edition also provides 50:1 lossy (visually lossless) compression of images when full fidelity is not a requirement, such as photos on social media and pictures of products on an E-commerce Website. These compression levels help to improve a company’s financial performance by substantially reducing their storage infrastructure requirements.

“We are committed to enhancing our current offerings and developing additional innovative solutions that leverage our patented technology,” said Mike Meadows. “For example, video is merely a sequence of images. We are observing a 6:1 lossless compression and a 50:1 lossy (visually lossless) compression of raw video. We are looking to select a few organizations that embrace new technology and would like to go to market with us on our equally impactful Video Edition.”

About Squash Compression

Squash Compression’s patented technology focuses on speeding up the Web. They offer a suite of products for physical and virtual servers, shared hosting Websites, mobile users, and rural users. On average: Websites load seven times faster, latency is decreased by ninety percent, bandwidth is decreased by fifty percent, and electricity is decreased by fifty percent, which helps their customers to increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Pete Denboer, please call Pete Denboer at +1 (800) 280-8464 or E-mail him at pete@squashcompression.com.

Contact: Pete Denboer, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Phone: +1 (800) 280-8464
E-mail: pete@squashcompression.com

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