Stoneware Announces a New Alliance with Squash Compression

Providing Data Acceleration to webNetwork

Indianapolis, IN – April 14, 2014 – Stoneware Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lenovo and the leader in Workspace Aggregation computing with over 8 million customers, announced the upcoming availability of webNetwork Data Optimization, a powerful add-on to enhance the delivery of resources. webNetwork, Data Optimization, powered by Squash Compression, decreases page load times, reduces bandwidth usage and minimizes latency.

“This add-on greatly increases the capabilities of webNetwork,” said Rick German, CEO of Stoneware. “It addresses the need to deliver resources faster to users. The technology from Squash Compression is cutting-edge, and brings even greater functionality to an organization’s unified workspace.”

Squash Compression had worked with the Stoneware team for several months integrating its innovative, powerful data compression software into Stoneware’s webNetwork application resulting in an extremely fast and productive solution for Stoneware clients. When Squash Compression software was first installed at Stoneware, Rich Cheston, Chief Solutions Officer had several engineers asking if they had installed new hardware servers as the performance improvement was dramatic. Cheston commented “It’s a great partnership with Squash Compression providing leading edge technology that benefits our customers with tremendous optimization enhancements with faster processing and reduced costs.”

About Stoneware

Established in 2000 and acquired by Lenovo in 2012, Stoneware delivers workspace and classroom management software that gives people the freedom and flexibility to work more productively. Stoneware’s webNetwork™ software creates a unified workspace where workers can access cloud apps, native applications and legacy systems from any device, regardless of where they are located. Stoneware’s LanSchool™ classroom management software enhances the learning experience by enabling instructors to easily manage classroom technology and monitor student involvement. Despite today’s complex technology environments, Stoneware gives users a single view of their diverse resources while providing IT with central oversight. For information, visit

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